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Pacemaker - What is it?

What benefits does Pacemaker provide for me?

Efficient and stable connection of third-party systems

Pacemaker is a proven and scalable platform to connect third party systems like ERP or PIM solutions to Magento 2 quickly, securely and efficiently. The focus is on highest performance and optimized memory consumption.

Pacemaker is delivered with a standard connector that supports different formats such as XML and CSV. This significantly simplifies the integration of third-party systems.

Full process automation

Pacemaker gives you the possibility to break down all processes into small self-sufficient steps and to automate these, depending on conditions, via pipelines completely, transparently and securely.

  • Import of products
  • Import of categories
  • Import of attributes + attribute-sets
  • Import of prices + inventory
  • Import customers + addresses
  • Export of sitemap or datafeed
  • Dispatch of Newsletter (running)
  • ... and much more

A complete picture of the system status

Using the Pacemaker Dashboard, you get a complete picture of the data throughout the system at any given time, as well as an overview of the status of the automated processes.

If problems such as incorrect prices or missing stock occur, the responsible employees are automatically informed, e.g. by e-mail. Additionally, Pacemaker supports debugging by providing all necessary information at any time via the command line or the Magento admin.

How does Pacemaker work?

The way Pacemaker works can in principle be compared to a traffic management system. The system ensures that the (data) traffic between the different areas (systems) is regulated accordingly and flows at all times. This avoids traffic jams and ensures that the traffic is processed efficiently.

The solution for your process issues

If your Magento online shop suffers from one or more of these problems,

Pacemaker is the solution.

Inconsistent Data

caused by

  • Collision of background processes
  • Monolithic processes
  • High system load or scarce resources
  • Impossible process intervention (mostly cronjobs)

Non-transparent processes

A missing overview of processes leads to

  • Data loss due to downtimes
  • Time-consuming troubleshooting and reproduction
  • No possibility to react
  • Knowledge cannot be built up
  • Loss of control

Lack of priorities

Unprioritized processes result in

  • Random processes
  • Rigid and monolithic process structures
  • Arbitrary and uncontrolled process runs

Who trusts pacemaker?

What makes Pacemaker unique?

It is the combination of the following functionalities that make Pacemaker so exceptional.

Process Management

By the seamless integration as an extension, Pacemaker has immediate access to the processes running in Magento. By using so-called pipelines in combination with a message queue, Pacemaker offers the possibility to scale the platform practically without limits, to react flexibly to new requirements and at the same time keep control over all running processes such as product imports.

That alone makes Pacemaker a unique solution in the Magento ecosystem.


The combination of process control and data import allows to map our intense know-how from many different projects to workflows and deliver these as ready-to-use pipelines and best practices within Pacemaker. Pacemaker is therefore not just a software, but rather our combined expertise, which we are constantly expanding though projects. We are making this experience available to all Pacemaker customers.

Data Import

The import functionality, which is up to five times faster and extremely memory efficient, enables you to import virtually unlimited amounts of data fast and secure into your shop. Pacemaker avoids conflicts with other processes, such as indexing of data, so invalid stocks or prices no longer exist.

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Pacemaker Solutions

Process Modeling

  • Intense examination of processes
  • Visualize complexity
  • Consistent wording and procedures
  • Solid foundation for software architects

Transparency & Visualization

  • Transparency for the vendor, the project manager and the developer
  • Easier error reproduction for developers
  • Faster evaluation of the log files
  • Visualization of connections between processes


  • Grows as the project is growing
  • Better utilization of existing server resources and higher efficiency
  • Processes react dynamically to changing requirements

Events & Polling

  • Systems work independent of each other
  • No events are lost, because they are actively worked upon


  • Parallellizes data processing
  • Asynchronous system response / elastic system

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