Why Pacemaker?

The aim of the project was to ease the burden on sales staff by launching a B2B online shop for spare parts. Previously, the ordering process was handled manually via telephone or e-mail. In order to ensure that the customer's shopping experience was as simple as possible, special attention was paid to the search functionality in the online shop. In addition to search terms, the customer has the possibility to search for the respective material number of the product he is looking for or even for his "order number". All materials of the order number are being listed here.

Erhardt+Leimer GmbH

Founded in 1919 and employing over 1,600 people worldwide in 2019, the Erhardt+Leimer Group has its headquarters in Augsburg. In the year 2019 a turnover of 175 million euros was achieved. The core business of the Group is automation technology of running conveyors, which are offered in various industries with varying degrees of integration. With 19 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and America as well as 115 commercial agencies all over the world.


At the beginning of the project we were faced with the big challenge of implementing an automated import for the online shop without existing processes and the necessary infrastructure for an e-commerce solution. Almost 100,000 products were supposed to be sold in the online shop. The leading system was SAP. In addition to processes such as the creation, updating and deletion of catalog data, various price lists, individual prices for specific customers and existing orders had to be transferred to the system.


Thanks to the high flexibility and performance of Pacemaker, it was no problem to handle volumes of incoming volumes. The support of automated imports enables us to import new products, update existing products, delete obsolete products and make price adjustments at any time without manual rework. The transparency of the pipeline integration also enables Erhardt+Leimer as well as their system integrator to monitor the import processes at any time and to intervene in case of errors in the data structure.


When comparing the costs and benefits, it was the best decision to use Pacemaker in this project. On the one hand, such large amounts of data could not have been imported without the use of a third party system and on the other hand, it provides enormous flexibility for the customer to perform his imports.

Facts and figures


Products~ 16 Min. (~40k)
Individual Customer Prices~ 1 Sec. (~5k)
Price Lists~ 5 Sec. (~600k)
Orders ~ 1 Sec. (~500)
Status Update (Product Status)~ 3 Min
Frequency Manually if required (approx. every 2 weeks)

Amount of Data

Websites 4
Store View4
SKUs~ 40.000



Magento VersionMagento EE 2.3.5