Are all versions open source?

Yes, all Pacemaker editions are distributed as open source solutions, so you have full access to the source code.

Can you update without problems?

Yes, within a major release you can easily switch to a higher edition.

So what should I do when my 5 support tickets are used up?

Additional support can be purchased at any time.

When is the use of Pacemaker Professional recommended?

Difficult to generalize, but significant better performance is noticeable from 10,000 SKUs.

Can I run Pacemaker in the cloud?

Yes, you can run all versions of Pacemaker on a local machine, a dedicated server and of course also in the cloud.

Do I have a money back guarantee?

Yes, in case Pacemaker does not work to your satisfaction, you can return the license within 60 days.

Is it possible to run any number of shop systems with one Pacemaker license?  

No, a Pacemaker license is valid for exactly one shop.